Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Women of the Wild, Wild West Debut!

Wild Wild Christmas
By Mothermark
Fence Repairs
By Mothermark
He's Ripped!
By Mothermark
I Need A Brad Challenge
By Mothermark
The Rope Is In!
By Mothermark

Miss Kittie's Man
By Mothermark
By Mothermark

Misinformed by My Informant!
By Mothermark

Jesse James Merrick
By Mothermark
JD Mommy's Red
By Mothermark

It's All About The Rope!
By Mothermark
Portrait of My Dad
By Mothermark

The Horse Stays Behind
By Mothermark

He's A Wimp! Knot!

By Mothermark Don't Even Go There!

By Mothermark

At Trail's End

By Mothermark Pat Smethers Birthday Box

A Place to Keep Her Cousin

Made by Mothermark


nancyruth said...

how much fun is this!!! Way to go you wild wild women!!!!

Kathy Bradley said...

Oh, Cindy, this is just the coolest! Your wild child is showing just a bit. I love your blog - it's amazing. The cards are so - so hubba, hubba (wiping the drool AGAIN) hubba! Really, the cards are all wonderful. What can I say, you've done it again.

Traci M said...

Giddy-up Giddy-up Giddy-up Let's go...
well, that's another "song" I guess, but man oh man, drool is right, Cindy!! Your background is amazing and the perfect backdrop for your wonderful WWW man cards!! The second with the "fence repair" has me swooning just a bit...back in the day, Tom looked a lot like this guy, cowboy hat, moustache and all!! My friends all called him Marlboro Man!! hee...no kidding.
Congrats on your amazing blog!!

irish said...

Hey Girl..You realy out did your self for a cowgal from New Mexico :) These are all really GREAT!! Awesome Job...
Now, wait till I get my spurs on and show you a Wyoming cowboy....
(I can hear u laughing at that one)

irishgreensue said...

Congratulations, Cindy, on making this the PLACE TO BE!! I can't believe your wonderful creativity with this set - you are the MUDDER!! WOW!!! All of these cards have me drooling over the COWBOY - and his cousins!! He is one hunk o' MAN!! I can't wait to see all the other cards you will be uploading - creations from near and far!! Love that you created this spot just for this much sought after set, not one I will ever own, but I can dream, can't I?
Way to go, you WILD, WILD cowgirl!

Cook22 said...

What a wonderful and amazing variety of cards all with that one set! It'll be fun to see it when other people send you theirs too.
That fence repairs one is brilliant.

Joan Ervin said...

Ooooh, Mudder...this is a wonderful place to be!!!! Talk about drooling...that's what I am doing now looking at all your gorgeous WWW cards!!!! All ya need now is a little place in the country and a few horses....we will make a Texan out of you yet...LOL!!!!

marilynprestonn said...

Awww, Cindy you gave me warm fuzzies...wonder who says that...LOL

Thank you for making this tribute to your friends. You are such a rallyer, I jknow everyone here was tickled to be part of this. It's cool to see the whole box again! What a darling and beautiful woman you are.

Your stinker, Peggyxo

P.S.The blog looks so WILD!!!

marilynprestonn said...

Oooops, forgot to compliment you dear friend on all the fabulous work you put up here!


Denise said...

OMG...GF...My card making has taken me in a whole different direction but my heart belongs to the ones I met first and that have left a lasting impression. You're the first on my list. I would totally love to be a part of this and I want to be. Okay, here is what you need to do first......Consult with Mrs. Bubba. My birthday is January 21st. Have her hunt down the Wild, Wild West set on ebay. Once she finds it she must travel to Boston and present it to me in a box that is so totally over the top gorgeous. I want cake and pictures, oh, and Bubba cause he's the perfect man. hehehe

Those are my demands. Pay up or I'm not part of this posse.

I miss you!!!! Woof you! {{hugs}}

ps. send stamped WWW images! I'm in. :-))

Pat (mspfd) said...

You never cease to amaze me with your creativity and generosity! This is such a gorgeous site and only you could come up with such a fantastic, fun place to visit. And your cards are stunning! Move over Miss Kitty.... da Mudder is the new Wild Wild West Queen!

Dawn said...

lots of FUN memories huh!!
Fabulous Cindy! I LOVE the fixing fence card...AWEsome!

Reiner9999 said...

All I can say is WOW! I'm overwhelmed by the creativity and wonderful stories that go with these fabulous cards. All of them! This site makes my day! I live for new threads regarding "Da Man" and can't wait til I have some time to hole up in my own little canyon with "Da Man" and bring him to life! Thank you so much for creating this site, for being a champion of WWW and for just being you!